Sunday, August 21, 2005

co-curricular or extra?

different people take different stances on CCAs. i know many teachers or fellow NIE mates who see CCAs as something impeding their work. but to me CCA is very very important. the same way as i see it as a student.

i must admit that CCAs take up a lot of your time, especially when you have to come up with objectives, reports and paperwork that eats up the time you need for lesson plans. where do we draw the line?

i heard from someone in the school that i was posted for experience that to be a good teacher, you have to be excellent in three categories. academic, CCAs and something else that i forgot. haha. but my point is that we still have to excel in the way we handle our CCAs.

now, the problem arises when we get CCAs that we totally not in tuned with. like chess club for me. i would seriously die on the spot. serious.

the other question is how possible it is to start a CCA in your school? how feasible is it? and how will your principal take it? i think the most common issue would be the availability of budget. money talks. and gets you places. no doubt about that.

oh well. i was considering this because i am in the process of trying to start up a new game in singapore called tchoukball (pronounced chook-ball). i have shown it to some people in class like daphne. yesterday, i received an e-mail from the president fo the tchoukball federation in Switzerland who is helping me personally to set up a federation in singapore. he is sending a guy from taiwan to conduct a course in singapore. but he was hoping that the people who attends the course would be teachers. so that these teachers can start up the game in their individual schools.

i approached the CCA HOD during the sch experience and he said that it would be good for the national youth achievement award (nyaa). the students who are going for the award will have to learn a new skill, can be recreational, sports and few other categories. well, probably it'd be a good avenue to start off. and see where we go from there.

anyone has any thoughts on CCAs and related issues? oh, anyone interested to go for the course? it's a simple but extremely fun game. you get an official certificate once you finish the 3-day course. let me know!


Blogger potatoking said...

on ure point of needing to be academic, CCA and something else. Let me tell u wat tt something else is... It could 1 or a combi fo the following.

1. IT Savvy... Make the entire sch worship Apple and your name will be thru the roof...

2. Slapping Horse Fart... A.K.A super good at sucking up, 3 legged stance to the max...

3. Hmmm... Let your porno mind run wild with this... I dun need elaborate... ahaha...

CCA = good if students can cope with studies and balance both.

bad if all have dreams about being S-League footballers after Sec 2 or winning Olympic Gold for 1 million $$$...

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