Sunday, August 28, 2005

the home room and the principal and other short stories

during the period of my school experience, the school i was in adopted a home room system. i remembered kenneth saying that it was good although he stopped short of elaborating what benefits the system brings to a particular school.

well, so far i only know that the home room allows the teacher to prepare the class in advance and also allows him/her to set the class environment to his/her preference. i am quite sure there are other benefits. but i really can't think of any others.

definitely my experience with home room was bad. that's simply because the home room does not belong to me. so i still have to go through the process of setting up the lesson. alright, so that's not really a valid reason since i was a special case. but one definitely bad thing about home rooms is the fact that students take their time to go to the class. this is especially so for neighbourhood schools. i had to wait for 15, and sometimes even up to 20 minutes for them to reach the classroom when they have just finished PE.

you can throw that lesson plan out the window.

well, i suppose it should work better in better schools. but still, every school and every situation is different.

which reminds me of principals. i am so afraid to be sent back to that school mainly because of the principal. he was actually posted out of his last school because the teaching staff signed a petition to post him out.

scary isn't it? and the next school to get him must be most unfortunate. it was not long before i could see why the teachers did what they did.

he called for a staff meeting in the middle of the day. out of the blue. within a 10 minutes notice. not only that, he was to speak for 2 periods while the students were running havoc in the school. all teachers were in the meeting room and the school belonged to them. some teachers, like me, had that period for a break. and right after the meeting, we had to continue with lessons, foregoing our break to get even a drink. welfare does not seem to ever cross his mind i suppose.

he had made some decisions and during the meeeting, he announced it to the teachers. even as a newbie, that particular decision seemed queer to me.

i was wondering why nobody voiced out against it. i thought it was pretty weird that everyone was quiet. so i waited. and one teacher did voice out her disagreements to his decisions. and soon, other teachers followed suit. i thought to myself FINALLY!

and guess what? he stubbornly stuck to his decision. even when teachers were madly trying to show their point, he simply stood his ground. it was the entire teaching staff minus the newbies, against him. and he still saw his point as the right way to go. i could have seriously picked up a chopper and butchered him on the spot seeing how stubborn he was.

well, the point is, principals have the power to make decisions. do we teachers just remain quiet or do we come in to state our point of view on matters of school management? are we teachers trained enough to handle management issues in the school?

well, honestly i think we should be given a say to what happens in the school. and that is why i pray that prinicipals like him will just go 'poof'.


Blogger swallowapple said...

"An organization is like a tree full of monkeys,... all on different
limbs,... at different levels,... some climbing up.
The monkeys on the top look down and see a tree full of smiling faces.
The monkeys on the bottom look up and see nothing but assholes."

i cant agree more with the situation that you had experienced. Saya was in the same situation for 6 months, which is more pathetic. What makes it worst is that it was the ACTING (I must emphasize, he's been acting for 5 years) VP who called the shot. He would call for meeting 15 minutes before the meeting which talks about the most trival thing, like whether the 6th floor classroom has brooms or not!!

hope you'll not be posted back for such nonsense.. if you do, think of the monkey up there... sometime it's a mystery why they are sitting up there...don't bother to solve the mystery!

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