Thursday, August 25, 2005

lonelyyyyyy...i'm so lonelyyyyyyy

yes. if you had read jenny's blog before mine, you would have known that yesterday i was an ostracized little kid. nobody wanted me in their group and when i was sort of squeezed into the group consisting of josephine, yizhen and jenny, they continued to leave me out of their dialogue and discussion.

hurt was an understatement. i was traumatised! haha. yah right. i was actually pretty disturbed that wenhui did not reprimand the other 3 for their ostracizing acts of cruelty. so i realisd that i was halfway into this act, not sure when i was in and when i was out. but the 3 ladies were definitely in all the time, not mentioning that they were obviously having a time of their lives being cruel to me. yizhen found it so entertaining that she continued doing so after the lesson.

so teachers. what would YOU do when faced with such a scenario? honestly, you can't force someone to like another person in an instant. if you force someone into a 'natural social group' who clearly has reservations about that particular person, you are bound to have trouble in your hands. the child might feel so bad that it could turn out ugly. and it was YOUR activity that caused this antagonistic behaviour to be more pronounced.

my thoughts? i'm not really sure. but i think that i'd have to give a short sermon to the class on respecting individuals. i am very much a team player. as the captain in my floorball team, and even as an instructor when i was in the army, i meet many such scenarios. and i would be totally pissed if anyone does not give due respect to their team member. well, it usually works after i give them my point of view and get them to get stupidity out of their narrow minds.

but we have to face this fact of life. not everyone likes everyone else. what to do when they TOTALLY hate the guts of another lonelyyyyyy soul.


Blogger jenny said...

oh dear im so sorry superlambanana...but u do know we all love you..awwww! you're so funny, sporty, talented but most of all, you know everything that we need to know about Apples! :) hee..kidding!

8:48 AM  
Blogger wen said...

haha, am finally catching up on blog posts.

I was disturbed, but I didn't really know how to handle it to be honest... On the one hand I did try to reprimand the girls (maybe I wasn't firm enough) but on the other, as you say I couldn't possibly force them to work with you. That's something students have to learn without having it stuffed down their throats. I guess I simply didn't foresee it and wasn't prepared. Though now I know a bit more about group work thanks to ed psych ;)

7:01 PM  

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