Friday, August 19, 2005

students behave better on fridays

like yeah! we were all so much more well-behaved. definitely because of the fatigue we were experiencing.

i said to my voice recorder just now: "note to self. thursday is a bad day for microteaching. good luck dude"

well, i guess i will get more practice in class management. yippee. the only consolation is probably that the geogNUT is going to be my videographer. phew. bananagirl is still around though.

alright. on to my reflections on liyan and yz's microteachings.although much has been discussed in class, but i think i shall just put my thoughts down for my own future reference.


i think she put in a lot of effort into producing the lesson.i liked the fact that she had the real examples for us to study. too often in physical geography in singapore that we see real life examples. when we learn about vulcanism for example, many of us have not/will not be able to see a real volcano in person. the students are brought further and further away from the context.

i think the EZ link card strategy was alright. but maybe she should have used a preventive measure and warned us that our cards will be confiscated if we misbehave beforehand. i might be wrong but i don't remember her telling us what the card is for. only when someone misbehaves that the class finds out why we had to place the card in front of us.

at times, she was a bit shy and lost her confidence. but i believe that it was because of us being her peers more than anything else. i am pretty sure the situation could be different when she is in a real classroom environment.

and i agree with jenny that she was very lenient with daphne! as i listened back to the recording, i realised how noisy daphne was but liyan only took action in the later part. i hate bananagirl!

all in all, i thought her lesson was handled pretty well. =)

crabbit yizhen's microteaching

other than her voice i think her lesson went well. haha.

i really liked the initial part where she did the recap followed by the linkage to the present lesson. i think continuity is important so that the students see the larger picture.

the other thing that i mentioned in class just now her eye contact. it was too much focused on geognut and bananagirl. as a student i myself tend to switch off if my teacher don't look over to my side.

the big issue was of course wesley's bad acting. i think yizhen did not react promptly enough because half her mind was telling her that the situation is not real. the urgency simply does not kick in as long as you know it's not real.

this is just like all the fake scenarios that i got for RAMS training. everyone took their own sweet time to apply first aid and performed RAMS even though the incident was a spontaneous one.

letting a student go with a fellow student in a medical case is probably not a good idea. even in the army, i cannot even trust trainees to do the right thing in times of emergency. in secondary school, i don't think we should expect anything at all. also, yizhen could have checked on wesley's condition after some time. but then again, i attribute it to the 'fakeness' in the situation.

SW on vulcanism

i agree with geognut that the bar has been raised. other than what kenneth has mentioned in class, i think SW was very firm and confident in her lesson. she presented herself well.

but not forgetting that we were all too exahusted to be an irritant bunch.

SW's lesson reminded me that if we can preempt students' mischief, it would really save us lots of trouble. exactly what SW did just now. yizhen and daphne was trying something but SW was swift and sharp enough to notice prevented it from happening.

one point. i feel at this point many of us still give handouts, samples etc. before giving definite instructions. students usually get very excited when they get something from the teacher. the next 2 minutes, they will simply shut out whatever the teacher is saying as they discuss with their friends about the handout/sample.

now that the bar has been raised, it would be interesting what's in store next thursday.

on a final note, for the record as an old victorian, i am truly against VS going co-ed. what will the world come to if VS uniform includes skirts. *shock horror*

i think many schools have their own unique identity. some stronger than others. i think as teachers going into such schools, we will have to blend in and integrate ourselves with the traditions/identity and believe in it. i had many teachers in victoria who felt that the traditions in VS was not irrelevant. we students have always seen these teachers more like outsiders, not part of the family. just a note to ourselves in the case that we get postings in such schools.

and traditions SHOULD stand! especially those that have lasted more than a century. sheesh.


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