Saturday, August 13, 2005

time to fill it in

i am almost tearing here as i type this entry. because FINALLY i have time to fill up this blog with something other than that entry about emptiness. that must have been a jinxed word. emptiness.

this past week has been simply exhausting for me. all started with 3 ultimate frisbee games in a row last saturday in the hot blistering sun in preparation for the Singapore Opens. national day was spent waiting with my camera and tripod next to the vomitting merlion in order to get a good spot to photograph the fireworks. (can't wait to see the end product. with fireworks, you never know what can go wrong). well, in any case, that, together with my floorball trainings with NTU and my club, my body has decided to quit on me and thus, the perpetual cough and sneezing you'd probably hear in class.

on the issue of podcasting, i am terribly fortunate that kenneth is urging us with this technology. i have thus far, only been listening to podcasts ever since iTunes integrated it in its latest version 4.9. but now that i know how to create and share it, this is gonna be bloody brilliant.

honestly, i cannot even start to see the un-usefulness of the podcasting. to me, it is all good. of course it helps that it's associated to Mac technology. anything Mac is good to me. =) the fact that students can listen to it on the go, simply shows how powerful this tool is. it's like a "take-away" lesson compared to the usual "eat-ins" that we are all used to. yesterday's recording of the microteaching by chan ying easily proves my point. normally, you'd go back not remembering what has been shared in class, unless of course, you dictate the entire conversation that was taking place! i just finished listening to the podcast by kenneth and even though there's some noise in the background, you still get the gist of the discussion. best of all, i can listen to it on my iPod while travelling when i can't afford to do so at home.

on a side note, i can't tell you how delighted i am that kenneth is using the mac. and showing it's ease of use and functionability. ever since i used the mac about 5 years ago, it was a tough 'advertising campaign' trying to convince my friends how much better it is comparatively to windows. definitely, many just put aside the mac deciding to stay on the safe side rather than make that big leap. i think kenneth has had it easy because everyone has to watch what the mac can do and inadvertently, many now know how (well) it works. especially my dearest friend miss zhenyi.

on chan ying's lesson, i felt that she did a good job and i applaud her for having the courage to be the one to go first. she also had an interesting activity for us, the students.

here, i felt that before giving out the postcards, she could have given out the full set of instructions and probably show us which part of the postcard she wants us to look at before giving them out. once she gave them out, i realised that we were all looking back and front and i think that may cause the students not to pay their fullest attention. well, other than that, i felt she deserved a pat on her back!

looking at her microteaching, i was wondering what kind of activity i can do with a physical geography topic like rivers. is it probably easier to do a group discussion with human geography topics? well, i'd better get my head cracking coz teachers' day is coming up pretty soon!

phew. i HAVE to start updating more often. this entry is way too long.


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