Tuesday, September 27, 2005

ed psych part deux

today's ed psych class was pretty interesting. we were to pick a level/stream with which we were to come up with rules and routines, and their relevant ways of being implemented.

so being the adventurous (not to mention foolish) us (me, jenny, her binary opposite, chouchou and josephine), we picked secondary three normal technical. that was when i realised that none of the above people other than me had any experience in teaching the normal tech. nevertheless, they believe in unison that i can be the students' lao da.

i believe due to my upbringing and my social circle of friends, compadres, brothers, sisters and so on, i believe that i have the ability to communicate with students of that calibre. i call this being street wise. i had a comparatively much easier time with the NT classes as compared to not only the new teachers but also some of the old.

so i digress.

the issue here is how to implement rules in the NT stream classes. if the rule is for them to sit their asses down during lessons, how do we implement this? i don't know whether we should be dishing out punishments too often. considering how notorious NT students are, i believe that if we set up these rules, we are simply bound to be dishing out punishments way too often since we have to keep to our word with the rule implementation.

my worry is also for fellow teachers whose entire life has been in a shielded environment. i saw a trainee teacher in the neighbourhood school i was in for the school experience whose entire life has been in the rafflesian family. it was clear that he has never dealt with pupils with such behaviour and the kids were simply making fun of him. best of all, he does not even realise that he was made fun of.

we all have to watch more dangerous minds.


Blogger voyager said...

i think, in this case, we might be starting from an untenable rule (that is, our initial assumptions regarding what a N(T) lesson should look like, should be questioned).

the procedures follow the rule, and the rule, in turn, is governed not only by where we want the students to be, but where they're coming from.

(not that i know you don't know such things :-) i'm just making these comments to address the hypothetical situation you paint in the scenario :-) )

5:38 PM  
Blogger jenny said...

haha well guess our suggestion of confiscating their shoes really reflect our lack of experience with them...but i do hope i will be aware when i'm being made fun of :( my experience with the two N(T) girls in the student mentoring programme went ok so that might give me some false hopes. and yes i loved that movie! michelle what's-her-name as the ex-marine teacher if i rem correctly..

10:42 AM  
Blogger S W said...

Hi hi,
It is a gift that you are able to be an Indian Chief to a problematic class. :) Not everyone can be street wise. :)
Rules for NT class? I think there should still be rules, although they may be slightly different. When I had to take one NT class (the original teacher was the deputy dm), I told them I need their co-operation for 2 things. One, they must be present, both physically and mentally. Second, while it is my job to make my lessons as fun-filled as possible, it is their job to ensure all work assigned to them are duly completed. So, it is 2 way, sort of a deal. And this class ended up better behaved than my other NA class. And perhaps they were well-trained by the previous Dep DM. So, I was lucky.

And yes, I do love Dangerous Minds.


7:08 AM  
Blogger BananaSaviour said...

Wow. Thanks SW for your tip on the 2-way process.

And yeah, confiscating their shoes was quite hilarious. Especially after I kicked Yv's slippers off and Ray picked it up as though he was confiscating them! Haha!

7:48 AM  
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