Saturday, September 03, 2005

if only i can use voodoo

this is an entry on my microteaching.i have been so busy with assignments that i have not found time even to write my own reflections. if only i could use black magic to think of what to write and voila it appears online in my blog.

firstly, i would like to thank the two binary opposites for their insights/personal views on my ideas.

the most obvious thing that i could say about my teaching was i was wondering why everyone was so well behaved. one reason could be that i told them to be a special class. but even then, i feel that that should not have stopped them from misbehaving. all in all, i feel half lucky and half bored. =)

i actually had some reservations to my lesson. i was contemplating between two groups or three. i was afraid that due to time shortage, three groups would be a rush. so i had to take a risk and went on with the large size of two. in a real classroom situation, i would have given them time to research and did the presentation solely on one entire lesson.

for the video, i was very apprehensive about it too since i felt that it was way too small. i was intending to use my friend's homevideo of the nile and then use iMovie to edit it with my voice narration. but hers was an analogue recording so by the time i digitize it, it would probably be too late. so i had to stick to that measly video you saw. fortunately, we have kenneth who saved my day.

i was rather happy that i was given that scenario with our friendly loanshark friend. without that, my microteaching would have been totally eventless. i am not too sure whether i handled it well but to me it was good enough that darren decided to back off.

i have been used to this 'stubborn-ness' when i was in the army. if you tell your men to do something, they'd often say 'aiyah later lah sergeant. why you so kancheong?'. there were others who do not give a damn about ranks and would just answer rudely to you. they are smart enough not to pick a fight with you but the way they answer will simply take you aback. i guess those times back then trained me well to handle problematic students plus instilled in me lots of patience to manage these kids.

i was a tad disappointed that the class did not take up the role fully. it would have been fun to really indulge in the role. well, at least that's what happened to my class in uni. and i guess i mentioned all the 'negative' remarks about the ethiopians was because i really wanted to put it into context and give them a hint about their conditions and state of living. maybe it was a little too unfair to them. shall watch what i say next time. =P

all in all, i was glad that it is over. this has definitely been a good learning experience. i learnt lots from all the mistakes i made. thank you zeewhy for spotting intently both my negative and positive points. it has been a hectic week with both maths and geog microteaching one day after another. that week is over. now another one is starting pretty soon.

damn it.


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